Used Farm Equipment - Forestry Mulcher UMM/S - UMM/S/HP

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Forestry Mulcher UMM/S - UMM/S/HP


Forestry mulcher with fixed teeth rotor for tractors between 180 and 350 HP.

High productivity, robustness and light weight are the strengths of this professional shredder with rotor equipped with fixed tools.
It is a very versatile model that is distinguished by its wide range of use, can be pulled by tractors with power from 180 hp up to 350 hp and in "HP" version can grind grind plants up to 35 cm / 14'' in diameter.
The light weight allows easy maneuverability on land on steep slopes where instead heavier models would compromise the stability.
The renewed version features a more robust chassis/body frame with the integration of protected cylinders and hydraulic links, counter blades/ interchangeable and externally bolted inner plates for easy maintenance and replacement, centralized greasing hub, pushing frame with raker teeth, three point linkage and in addition for the HP version is the possibility to mount hydrodynamic fluid couplings to maximize the productivity and at the same protect the tractor’s transmission.

The standard equipment includes:

Available on demand: W style self aligning device between PTO drive shaft/gearbox, mechanical push frame, hydraulic push frame, extra ripper for push frame, hydraulic clutch transmission (UMM/S/HP 225 and 250), special skids to go underground, multiple tooth options.