Used Farm Equipment - Kuhn GA7932 Twin-rotor

We ship used equipment all over Canada. The current inventory is located in Barrhead, Alberta

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Kuhn GA7932 Twin-rotor


Trailed side-delivery rotary rake with a Working width including windrow 1 swath 13'3" - 24'5", 2 swaths 25'1", clean swept width 9'6" - 18'5", windrow width 3'11" - 5'11", single or double windrow, 2 rotors, 3-D terrain following, PTO speed 540 RPM, minimum PTO requirement 55 HP.

Top 5 Advantages:

1. Masterdrive Glll Gearbox with ergonomic right-side windrow delivery.

2. Double-curved, tangential-mounted tine arms for fast forward speed and excellent raking cleanliness.

3. Easy working with adjustment for fast adaptation to different conditions and needs.

4. Able to rake into one windrow or two separate windrows.

5. Rotor articulation: 3D articulation for improved ground adaptation in changing terrains.