Used Farm Equipment - McCormick X7.618 Tractor

We ship used equipment all over Canada. The current inventory is located in Barrhead, Alberta

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McCormick X7.618 Tractor


The McCormick X7.618 tractor features 540/65R30 front and 650/65R38 rear tires for stability. Equipped with 4 spool valves (3 mechanical, 1 electric) and wide swivel front fenders, it offers versatile hydraulic control and improved maneuverability. The self-leveling loader with bucket/grapple enhances productivity. Powered by a 6-cylinder, 6.7-liter engine generating a maximum of 166 HP, it delivers ample power for demanding tasks. With the P6-drive transmission and auto powershift, operators experience seamless gear changes and efficient power delivery. Overall, the McCormick X7.618 excels in performance, versatility, and ease of operation for various agricultural applications.