Used Farm Equipment - Pottinger TOP 882 C Rotary Rake

We ship used equipment all over Canada. The current inventory is located in Barrhead, Alberta

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Pottinger TOP 882 C Rotary Rake


The Pottinger TOP 882 C rotary rake is a precision-engineered agricultural marvel, boasting a dynamic working width spanning 25.2' to 28.8'. Designed for efficiency and versatility, it effortlessly gathers crops into a tidy center swath, offering a swath width range of 4.2' to 8.5'. Its innovative rotary design ensures meticulous raking, delicately lifting and arranging the crop with precision. With its generous working width, it swiftly covers vast expanses of land, optimizing time and resources. Crafted with the utmost quality and reliability, the Pottinger TOP 882 C rotary rake stands as a testament to modern agricultural excellence, enhancing productivity with every rotation.