Used Farm Equipment - Sunflower 1544 disc harrow

We ship used equipment all over Canada. The current inventory is located in Barrhead, Alberta

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Sunflower 1544 disc harrow


The Sunflower 1544 disc harrow, renowned for its durability and versatility, boasts adjustable disc gangs and 23 inch sharp blades for efficient soil cutting and mixing. With precise single point depth control, it ensures consistent tillage depth for optimal seed placement. Compatible with various tractors, it suits diverse farm sizes and operations. Safety features prioritize operator well-being, while ergonomic design enhances comfort during use. This harrow excels in primary tillage, seedbed preparation, and residue management. Its heavy-duty steel construction ensures longevity. With a Working width of 45 feet, it accommodates various field sizes. The Sunflower 1544 is indispensable for maximizing crop yield and soil health.

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