Used Farm Equipment - Versatile FURY HS.250

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Versatile FURY HS.250


10" Blade Spacing   HS.250

The Fury is a high-speed compact disc that excels at managing difficult residue in challenging field conditions. 
Designed for high-speed operation, the Fury is more productive than traditional tillage since it operates at a field
speeds of 8 - 12 mph (12 - 20 km/hr).

Working depth: 2.5" to 5"
Working speed: 8 to 12 mph
Blades:  22" x 6.5mm
Rubber Rollers: 21.3" diameter with rubber pneumatic sleeve, three sections (Otico rubber roll)



Minimum Cut: Width 25' 5"
Width, transport: 11' 10'
Height, transport: 13’ 5"
Weight per ft. average: 1031 lbs
Horsepower required: 335-425 hp